3 Quick Meals for the Work Remote Parent

As working remotely grows more rapidly than ever for parents, so does the need for family-friendly recipes throughout the week. We’re here to help make your menu for the week a little bit easier. Each of our Good Foods™ dips come with flavors that can truly be put on any food left in the refrigerator or stocked in the pantry – no need to take a big chunk out of your work day to feed everyone!

Check out these recipes that we use with our own families:

Instant Pot Mushroom Risotto

Good Foods Avo Pesto Risotto

Need to whip up something quickly before your next conference call? Look no further! This recipe is less than 15 minutes with minimal watching needed. Stir in our Good Foods™ Avocado Pesto dip for the “cherry” on top of this soul-warming dish.

Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Tortillas still not restocked at the store yet? Don’t worry, just grab a head of lettuce in the produce section as a leafy green base for tasty chicken wraps! Once again, the instant pot is here to make your mealtimes a little easier. If your family wants a little more kick, top with our Good Foods™ Buffalo Style dip!

Sheet Pan Fajitas

Finally, a one-step meal solution – sheet pan fajitas! Place your meat of choice and veggies onto a sheet pan, cook in the oven until crispy and golden, then top with our Avocado Salsa or Chunky Guacamole depending on what flavor profile you’re looking to create. Pro tip: add colorful peppers and onions to brighten up your plate!

Which recipe are you going to make first? Comment below and tell us!

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