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Good Eats | Vegetarian

Skip the fried restaurant spring rolls and make this veggie cilantro version! Not only is it much more tasty and colorful, we’ve also got the perfect dipping sauce: Good Foods Cilantro Dip. All of our Good Foods dips and dressings are so versatile that you can pair it with absolutely everything and any meal! Recipe below.

The best part about brunch is being able to try new things that you may not have otherwise attempted to make. For our less adventurous eaters, this Smoked Salmon Frittata may seem intimidating at first. However, with the drizzle of Good Foods Tzatziki, a mix of  fresh herbs and cucumber that create a light and creamy texture, it brings all the flavors together in a familiar and delicious way. 

A dish that combines our favorite things – zoodles, eggs and pesto! A guilt-free recipe, this bake includes Good Foods Avocado Pesto Dip, which combines hand-scooped avocados, fresh pesto, garlic, and herbs. This delicious dip can go on just about anything – and it’s better for you than the average pesto, so it’s a win-win!

Whole 30 is a diet that has swept the country, and for good reason. Good Foods dips are the perfect way to amp up the flavor in your Whole 30 recipes, and these breakfast sandwiches are the perfect, delicious example.