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Creamy Ranch Yogurt Dip

Creamy Ranch Yogurt Dip

12 oz

Everything you love about Greek yogurt in a ranch dip. Our version, which has no artificial ingredients or added sugars, creates the perfect flavor combination and a twist on a nostalgic classic.

So, we had an idea: make a ranch dip that’s better for you than the traditional version, while being every bit as delicious. Mission accomplished. This better-for-you ranch dip is made with rBST-free Greek yogurt and fresh herbs like garlic, parsley, chives, and dill. Our ranch dip is full of flavor and packed with goodness. No artificial ingredients. No added sugars. No guilt. Use as a dip with veggies, mix with potato salad, or enjoy with chicken wings.

Gluten Free   |  No added sugar




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